I talked to Coan Racing Transmissions today and they will get the converter turned around in very short order.

Coan did not like the transmission fluid that I had been using. They recommend: Type ” F”, Pennzoil, Kendall, Royal Purple or Castrol transmission fluids.

I have been using Type “F” for many years and never had a problem. The Type F was recommended by TCI back in the 80’s. I have never used any of the above brands.

I talked to Van Johnson last night. Stella, Van’s wife, just had an operation yesterday and will be in the hospital for another day or two. Our prayers go out for Stella for a speedy recovery. We will not worry Van about working on my transmission for now.

I talked to Alvin about the heads. He is ready to work on them to see if we can extract a few more HP from them. This should be very interesting and beneficial.

At this point, I want to test in January 2011 and be really ready for Nitro Jam in early March.

I was looking forward to another “Battle on the Bayou”, but I don’t see it on the schedule for either track. I would have done whatever it took to be ready for that race. Too bad, I really enjoyed that series.