I came out of the trailer with a 9.18 @ 145 MPH. Everything was working excellent. Earlier in the day I changed out the starter (again), and it worked perfectly. All the shifts were good and the converter was doing its thing. On my second time trial, the car backed out of the lights when I pushed the T/B button, because I did it at idle. After that run, I went in a little deeper and I raised the RPM to just above 1500 RPM. That seemed to work.

In the first round I won because my opponent ran too quick. I was right at his front fender when we crossed the line, but my win light came on. In the second round I ran Charlie Robinson in his TDS Beretta I red lighted by -.018. Before the run, I had taken .030 out of the box. That’s the way it goes.

The car ran 9.186; 9.163 and 9.173. Pretty good for not driving for about 4 months. I was very happy with the way the car ran and my driving.