Web site stats for Mr. Skip Racing dot Com. During the past 8.5 months, we have had over 2600 unique visitors from all over the world. Those unique visitors only get counted once per month. We are averaging around 30 unique visitors per day. Those visitors have come to the site over 6200 times. They have looked at over 30,000 pages and accumulated over 143,000 hits.

We are very happy that those of you that visit, keep coming back. I try to document as much as I can about this racing operation that is important or that someone can learn something from, especially my mistakes and errors.

The site helps me more than you can imagine. When things start to go wrong, as they often do in drag racing, I can always look back at my records and what I have written and get back to a point when we were running good. Sort of like the Pro’s having a combination that they know will get them qualified.

Over the years, since 1989, I have been keeping a log book with information just like you see here, only much more detailed. I still have a lot of data on my old SBC engines and the original “Masterpiece” Camaro. Back then I used college ruled notebooks and all entries were by hand. The shift to the computer has made my log keeping much easier.

I still keep a Drag Racing Log Book with all my individual run information. A very big help, that was bought to my attention earlier this year is, 1320 GO Live Timing. It is available at State Capitol Raceway, but not at all tracks. The home page for 1320 Go has a list of participating tracks. State Capitol put it in during Nitro Jam 2010, so all my runs at State Capitol, including time trials on Friday, eliminations on Friday, eliminations on Saturday and Test & Tunes on Sunday are available. It helps me with the log book information. You get all the information in time slip, plus format and all the weather information at the time of the run, plus all of your split times in one place. Everything is calculated for you. There are a lot of other good sections to the site that help with analyzing your cars performance for a day or for all of your runs at that track. If you are a stats nut, like me, you will love 1320 Go! I forgot to mention that you can track all your friends and opponents information too. This is a subscription site, but the fee is low for what you get for one annual fee of $20.00 for one track.