Been very busy, Liz is home and doing very well. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers.

Barbara had her “Social Security” birthday on the 1st. We took time out from caring for Liz to go and have a nice romantic dinner for two at Dursilla Seafood.

Since I am home bound, I took time to clean all the ground connections on the car and the battery posts. There is nothing else to do on the car except wipe and shine.

I just read an article about a new transmission pan that has an O-ring seal and is made of some new type of aluminum that is not suppose to leak. This has been a problem of mine for a long time. I have used almost every type of gasket, silicone, The Right Stuff and anything else that I thought would seal it. Nothing ever worked. Now I find out that some aluminum trans. pans have “porosity”, or super small holes in the casting. That is, most likely, why I could never find, or stop, the leaks! We are only talking, three or four drops per week. I am going to get one of those new pans.

I had been having trouble with my track generator the last two times we went to the track. I cleaned the carb., the gas tank and the lines from the tank to the carb. I did not know there is a small valve directly under the gas tank on my generator. This is where I think my problem was. Everything is working just fine now. The generator starts and runs excellent.

The weather is trying to get better. The humidity is a lot lower and the temp. has dropped from the mid-90’s to the low 90’s. To a lot of you around the country, that does not seem like much, but to us, it is a big difference.

Don’t know what I am going to do this weekend for the race car. I will see how Liz is doing and what I may have to do.