The oil well that is keeping NPRP closed has stopped spewing oil, gas and sand all over the place. The manager of NPRP has been on TV again, talking about having to move out of his home, which is right at the entrance to the track. We still don’t know the effects of the debris that has fallen on the track.

We have said a prayer for all of the people that have been effected by the blow-out and we hope they get back to normal very soon.

I found a loose lead on the 2-Step, between the MSD and the Delay Box. This is why the car was leaving on the converter.

After talking to Silas Rogers, who reminded me about something I told him a couple of years ago (“Keep it simple”), I have decided to remove the two most recent additions to the electronics on the car. The Start Retard, which was not recommended by MSD Technical anyway, and the Automatic Timing Retard Module. I have not run any better with them, and the car does not start any better than it did.

It will not be easy. The two items consist of, in addition to the two units, a relay and an extra RPM Activated Switch. There was a lot of wiring and thought that went into these two projects. I will disconnect everything, rewire it back to normal, remove the modules and switches.

I still cannot believe my MPH has not gone up with the addition of the 4.30 gears. The RPM crossing the line has decreased much more than I thought it should have. It is time to get out my computer programs and see what the predicted speed and RPM should be. I will also jack the car up and count the tire revolutions for one rev. of the drive shaft to make sure I really have a 4.30 gear. Too bad I did not count the teeth before I installed it. Lesson learned.

Most people that I talk with seem to think the car is running just great, 9.23 @ 144 MPH, in this 97 degree and 80+% Humidity weather. If you think about it, it has only slowed down from 8.93 in excellent weather, 68 degrees and 42% Humidity, to 9.23 in very bad weather. That’s just 3 tenths.

I went to several on-line calculators and they all agree that I am running the MPH and RPM that I should be, given the weight and times. I only have 700 HP to the rear wheels.

I have not been driving, but I can see the car is not near as violent as it was before the gear change. That’s a good thing!

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