The oil well blow-out in the front door of NPRP track is a real stroke of bad luck. In one way it is a blessing. They had scheduled a down period for 8/22 – 8/31 anyway, so they are losing just over a week of racing (so far). Predictions for when the well will be capped are not too good. There may be some more major down time for No Problem after the 31st. I hope there is no oil settling on the track that might make them have to resurface the track (Thinking out loud, would that be a good thing, or not?). Keep an eye on the NPRP web site for their real re-opening date.

If it doesn’t rain this weekend, we will take the car to State Capitol Raceway to the big bracket race on Saturday. We need to get into running with the big boys. I especially want to run on the track after it has been prepared for real fast cars and there is a lot of good rubber on the track. We will run in Super Pro, using “Crosstalk”, to try to give Kevin some more real world practice at setting the box.

Because I have been doing this so long, I forget just how much stuff it is to learn and remember. From the head of the staging lanes, to the being ready for the lights to come down, is a lot of stuff to do. The key to winning is, have a set routine that you follow each time, run your own race, know matter who is in the other lane.

Once we get the starting line routine down pat, then we will start thinking about how to, “drive the finish line”.

I expect mistakes, but they will be used as teaching opportunities and learning platforms. We will try to have some improvement each week, or month, until we get to the winners circle.