It was the first time Kevin got to experience “crosstalk”, when we ran an 11 second Mustang in the first round and won.

Again, the car ran perfect all night. Kevin is learning a lot in a very short time. Barbara and I feel we made the right decision to ask Kevin to drive our car.

I still don’t think we are getting the right MPH out of the car with the new gear. We may have found the problem, which is the new air pan that I fabricated and put on top of the carb. The next time out, we will run without the air pan, with no other changes. We are only crossing the line at 6600 RPM. I think I should be closer to 7000-7200 RPM.

Kevin has reported that he thinks the car is too rich on the top end for the past two weeks. Restricted air flow would result in a rich condition. My plugs are always dark.

I talked to Brandon about modifying my hood scoop to allow me to put my 4″ K&N air filter on under a fwd. facing scoop. PHOTOS