Last night Kevin completed ALL of his IHRA license passes. The car was perfect again, and Kevin did his job to perfection too. The weather cooperated and there were not too many cars at the track and that allowed us to get all the runs in before 10:30 pm.

Kevin’s last two full passes were; 9.28 @ 144 mph and 9.24 @ 145 mph. The car went straight as an arrow.

We are not getting the MPH that I thought we would get with the new 4.30 gear. Kevin thinks we have too much jet in the carb, which could be the problem. I did go from 87 square to 90 square at the same time that we changed the gear. The plugs did look somewhat dark last week when I checked them.

Today I checked the valve lash on all the valves. We are moving the Trans-brake button to the steering wheel, which will be better for Kevin. Our fix on the drive shaft leak did not work. I will try again, using “The Right Stuff”, or “Mega Gray”. The other gray silicone did now work, or I did not use enough.

Don’t forget the free admission tickets to State Capitol Raceway. They are good for ALL events at SCR this August!¬†FREE ADMISSION Print off as many as you need and present them at the gate. One for each adult.