The new driver is, Kevin “Outlaw” Gray! Only one person guessed correct on who the new driver would be. Good guess Shannun Walker of Texas.

Kevin gets cap.
Skip Instructs

Everything went right last night. The car ran perfect, in fact, when we got home, Barbara commented that we did not take the hood off all night. We filled the gas tank once. All the wiring changes, rear end change and other things that we tweaked worked out fine.

I was so proud of Kevin. He got more confident as the night progressed. After the two allotted time trials, I asked if he wanted to wait until after round two for another time trial, or did he want to go into eliminations. Before he could answer, I said, “Let’s go into round one of Electronic Trophy”, and away we went.

We were blessed to get a bye in round one. Before the night started, “A. J.”, the SCR Tech Inspector, said we could only make 1/2 track passes at full throttle. We did that on the first two run and ran 11.46 and then 10.84. I dialed in 10.50 for round one. On the bye run Kevin was “feeling it” and stayed in it a little too long and ran a 9.999 sec. at 99.94 MPH.

There was three cars left after round one and we got to run Dave Walker in his little 9 second truck in the semi-finals. We dialed in 10.00 and Dave had 9.98 on his window. We should have left first, but due to having the delay box set for me, we were a little late and Dave went into the finals. All in all, it was an excellent night.

I was so excited and happy that I forgot all about the 97 degree heat (my weather station said, 107 degrees F, but it is always a few degrees high). Not having to put on the drivers suit is a big plus for me not doing the driving.

This week Kevin and I will spend a lot of time on the practice tree to get the Reaction Time down to a respectable number. Now that he has actually “been into combat”, we can work on some of the little things. Kevin is a quick learner and Barbara and I are very happy with our choice.

Father’s Day Race Photos!