I have talked to the prospective new driver and he has agreed to come over and discuss the driving arrangement. He will first just learn how the car handles and how all the “Non-E” stuff works. Later we will get into the “Box” and he will learn the electronics.

This has not been an easy decision. I wanted to win at least one “Wally” or “Ironman” before retiring, but that will not happen. I will probably take a few more trips down the “1320”, mostly for testing and tuning, but for the most part, I am giving up competition driving. I will just be an “Owner” from here on.

Who is going to be the new driver? It is a person that I trust, I have confidence in, and I feel he will do his best to take care of the car. We will have a lot of fun! If we break something along the way, “That’s racing!