I only need 30 hours to graduate from the U. of Phoenix. I actually need less than that, but you have to take at least 30 from them to earn the degree. At 71 years old, it would just be something I could put on the wall and say, “I got my college degree”.

The car is still sitting on jackstands. I have been looking for leaks, but there are none, right now.

I need to test all of the wiring changes, addition of the retard at 5800 RPM and the new 4.30 gear. I will not get to go to the track until, at least, July 23rd, when I will test. If I test before that, which is highly unlikely, I may enter the first day of that big 1/8 mile race at No Problem. If I win something, I may enter one, or both, of the other days. I picked the wrong time to change gears!