As my Pastor, Rev. Raymond E. Allen of Shiloh M.B.C. said this morning, I am proud to be living in the United States of America! I was proud to serve in the U. S. Navy for 24 years.

Saturday evening I attended the races at State Capitol Raceway. Not many cars, but the ones that were there put on a good show and provided plenty of excitement.

The best run of the night was by “Fo Fo”, in his 1969 Outlaw 10.5, “Black Beast” Camaro. He put down a 7.67 @ 177.37 MPH, just before I departed. View earlier run of partial pass.

The other story of the night was Mr. Reggie Jackson

and his Mopar powered Ezell dragster. Reggie made 5 passes and the last two were 8.28 & 8.27 @ 164 MPH. He is really doing well with the dragster. The car is looking good and it goes straight down the track. Reggie is very happy with his car, and all the hard work is paying off.