I have been working on some other things while waiting on the gears. I installed a rear view mirror, at the insistence of Barbara. She has been after me for years to do that. It’s only for moving around in the pits. It will be useless on the track.

Speaking of moving around in the pits, I need to put a toggle switch on my trans-brake so I can keep the button depressed while backing and turning. That Pro-brake is a pain when backing up.

I activated my timing retard that is built into my MSD Digital 7 Plus. This was not an easy task. I had to use a RPM Activated Switch and a relay. I hooked it up without the relay and then realized I could only go from Ground to Ground or, 12V to 12V, which is not good. The relay will allow me to go from 12V to Ground through the MSD retard. Now I have to correct my electrical drawings of the car electrical system.

I have always used a lot to timing (42 degrees) with my engine. It has always worked for me, but most experts say, including Bryon, I need to be around 36-38 degrees. This may be one reason I don’t have the MPH that others with my setup run. With the gear change (4.30) and putting in 5 degrees retard, I should pick up a few MPH. The retard will come in at 5800 RPM, which is just above the stall of the converter. I will play with different settings to fine the best spot. Byron (and Alvin’s computer program) say I should pick up a few tenths too.

I re-jeted to 90 Sq. in the BG 1090 carb.. As mentioned earlier, I would like to get my Exhaust Gas Temp. (EGT) down to around 1250 degrees.

I made a major change to the vent on the rear end. I installed a catch-can and put thread compound on all the fittings.