The car has a Strange, nodular carrier with Moser, 35 spline axles.

There were some leaks that I wanted to address also. They will be taken care of while I wait on the gears.

The EGT on my two good runs Sunday was in the 1360 degree F range. This is higher than before. This means the jets are too small or the new isolation pan that I put in is too restrictive. I will change the jets and see what happens. I need to get down to around 1250 EGT.

After removing the tires, I cleaned off the surface of the tires and found the ware cups are still showing a lot of thread life. They were just covered up. I will swap sides and keep these tires on for a lot more runs.

In addition to the (1) slick that Barbara gave me for Father’s Day, she also gave me a 30″ shop fan. This will come in very handy for removing smoke from the shop and circulating the air. The grand kids gave me a gift certificate to my favorite place to eat lunch, “The Bayou Cafe”.