My neighbor, Mr. Robert Sanders, helped me fit the home made contraption to the top of the carb. This same unit has been used before on “Masterpiece”. It had to be modified a lot to fit this car. It is ugly, so when you see it, you have my permission to laugh!

We had to do something about the hot air that was blowing over the carb. since we reversed the fan. It has probably been happening all along, but it is much more pronounced since moving the fan to the back side of the radiator. Now the air intake of the carb will be isolated and will only get a very small amount of underhood air. This may be worth a couple of tenths! I may have to rejet to take advantage of the fresh, cooler, air.

I broke my cell phone screen at the track Friday and yesterday AT&T sent me a refurbished “Slider” phone. So far, it is nice. It is a newer model, the same brand that I had, so it is not a Smartphone. I even got the Data Package added to it and can now get to the internet. I can also drop the data package whenever I feel like it. It only cost $16.50/month, and since my contract had run out, I still don’t have a contract.