He took the newly painted dragster to the track Sat. for Test & Tune and made a pass of 8.51, his best ever! He is still working on finding the correct starting line RPM and the correct timing for his combination.

I took my car out of the trailer and in the daylight, Barbara pointed out that the fitting on the inlet to the trans. cooler was loose. She could see the source of the leak much better in the light when I started the engine. We had lost a 1/2 quart of fluid. So what looked like a hose leak at night was actually a loose connection.

After tightening the AN fitting on the trans. cooler, we started the engine and everything was good.

We washed out the radiator, which was full of trans. fluid, along with everything else in the front of the engine. Dawn dish washing liquid works wonders with oil, just like cleaning the birds in the marshes of Louisiana.

I put the car in the shop and re-routed the lines to the trans-cooler to take some of the vibration away from them.

I also flushed out my fuel lines, to get the Q-16 out, and put some C-14 in the tank. I only had about 1.5 gal. of Q-16 left.

So, I have decided to use C-14 for this weekend and then switch back to Sunoco Supreme. After some research of my old records, I changed the jets to 87/88 for this weekend. That should put the EGT in the mid. to upper 1200’s.