I went to SCR last night and made three passes. The first in Sunoco Supreme was a 9.133 @ 146 MPH. The second on Q-16 was, 9.130 @ 144 MPH. The best news was the sound of the engine on the Q-16. The valve train sounded like the professional engines, with that rhymic sound of valves that are set correct.

On that 2nd pass, I put the time in wrong when I was distracted right in the middle of setting the delay box. The 3rd pass, the car left as soon as I pressed the button and took my foot off the brake. I was at dead idle.

I think the transmission fluid was too hot. My trans-cooler is located in a air flow dead spot. Today, I moved the fan from in front of the radiator to the backside of the radiator and moved the trans-cooler in front of the radiator in the path of air flow through the grill and the fan. I also changed the trans. fluid, which looked and smelled good.

I will try to get back to the track today, but might not make it. I have a feeling that I need a new trans. oil pump. The temporary fix is to raise the RPM above 2000 before I push the T/B button.

Changing to Q-16 and going up on jets from 89 to 93, lowered my EGT from 1360 degrees F, to 1285 degrees.