I have been trying to decide on a new cell phone for the past year. Yes, I said year! My contract ran out last year in April and I have not decided on which phone to get. All I know is, I don’t want to stay with my present provider and I think I want a Smartphone.

My present choice is the new Palm-Pre Plus from Verizon Wireless. The price is right and it offers a lot of nice features.

The reason I have not been able to decide is, the grand kids switch phones more often than I go to the restroom. They all have different providers and they have had a lot of different style phones. All of them now have Smartphone’s. One has a HTC, one a Palm-Pre and the other a Blackberry. They are all happy with their phones now.

The most popular phone, with the best reviews, is the iPhone. I have several friends with them. All of them really like it. I don’t care for the provider so that is out for me. I have a problem with being forced to purchase the Data Plan to own a Smartphone, but all providers do that and you cannot get around it (Why would you want to own a Smartphone if you don’t want to use the data capabilities?).

I am going to try the Palm-Pre Plus for <30 days and if I don’t like it I will switch to the new HTC Android Incredible. My third choice is the Blackberry Curve or Storm, all from Verizon.

I have been assembling a new wood file cabinet for Barbara for the past two days. It has 4 drawers and hundreds of pieces. I also have a new Bar-B-Que pit to assemble after that is done. All of these things look so good in the store, but when they come out, in that flat box, you know it is going to be a while before you get to use them. Sort of like purchasing a Delay Box, NOS kit or fuel injection system for the race car.

Looks like the racing for this weekend is going to be wet on Friday and hot (but dry) on Sat. and Sunday. Most of my friends want to get in a little tune-up before the Bracket Masters Father’s Day race at State Capitol Raceway. It should be a good turnout with lots of cars, families and good food!