Month: June 2010

Finished up the lock wire on the brakes.

 Checked a few spark plugs, although I have changed so much the readings are almost worthless. My neighbor, Robert, cleaned under the rear of the car to get all the oil and tire debris from under the car. I also reset the wheelie bars, up 1/4″. That will let the front end come up a […]
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“Outlaw” Gray

The rear end is complete! Kevin “Outlaw” Gray installed the chunk and everything looks real good. Thanks Kevin! I watched and learned from Kevin and Alvin. Excellent teachers. Next time I will do it all myself.
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I have taken the car out of service for a few weeks. Last night Kevin “Outlaw” Gray took the rear end chunk out. Today it was delivered to Alvin Calhoun to change the gears. I have 4.56:1 Pro gears in there now and I am putting in a set of 4.29:1 Pro gears.

The car has a Strange, nodular carrier with Moser, 35 spline axles. There were some leaks that I wanted to address also. They will be taken care of while I wait on the gears. The EGT on my two good runs Sunday was in the 1360 degree F range. This is higher than before. This […]
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