Some of the local racers did very well. Lionel Robertson, in Hot Rod, made it to the semi-finals on Sat. and the won the the first round on Sun.. Earl Folse made it to the semi-finals on Sunday and Rudy Vedros was the runner-up in Top Sportsman.

June starts tomorrow. The weather prediction is for a string of 90 degree days. Typical South Louisiana in the Summer. Wait! Summer doesn’t start until June 21st! I may not take the car out of the shop until October.

My new tires came in late Friday evening by UPS. Now all I have to do is have them mounted. I am going to hold off until I get one more round of data from SCR, most likely this coming weekend, despite the weather prediction.

I want to try the VP-Q16 with no other changes, except a recommended 4 step jet change. This will be counted as one change. I have had a few conversations with Mr. Van Johnson on the subject and read everything I can find on the VP web site and some very informative information from other racers using the fuel.