I went to SCR last night. Made three passes. Two time trials and a winning single pass in eliminations for a trophy in Super Pro. My first trophy since 2006.

The car ran excellent. My TAG weather station predicted, based on past performance and the current conditions, that I would run 9.21 on the first pass. I actually ran 9.154 @ 145 MPH. The second pass was aborted. I was the only car that showed up for eliminations in Super Pro Trophy class. I made the single pass at, 9.175 @ 145 MPH. The prediction was 9.16. It was very hot and muggy. My weather station, which consistently indicates about 4 degrees above the actual temp., indicated 96 degrees and 60% humidity.

In the past, running the BBC 540, it would drop off about .020-.025 during the Summer months. So this is normal for my engines.

Van wants me to try VP-Q16 race fuel. He says it will prevent the drop-off. I may purchase 5 gal. and try it the next time I am at NPRP where they sell it.