I had to send my new Nikon D90 camera back to the shop for repairs. It had taken me since December to get all the settings exactly where I wanted them. At the repair facility they reset everything to factory default. I was very upset. Sunday, in church, I could not get anything to come out with the correct color cast. It took a lot of Photoshop to save those photos.

As luck would have it, my old Kodak P712 Zoom camera was in the shop during the past few weeks too. They did the same thing to it, but it is much easier to get back to the custom settings that I had put into it (good old American product)! I still take better photos with the less expensive camera. I will get there one day.

Looks like the high temps. and high humidity are here. The air quality was even bad today. We may get some racing in this weekend, but it will be hot. Over the Winter, I purchased one of those ice vests to try to stay a little cooler in the car. In the nuclear plant where I worked, we had to wear them in the hot areas of the plant. Once you get use to the bulkiness, they are OK.