I put a MSD Starter Saver on my cars ignition system this week. It allows me to put in 10 degrees of retard while starting, instead of the 20 degrees that my MSD Digital 7 Plus system has built into it. My engine does not like the 20 degrees retard on start. I had to reset my timing because the Starter Saver has 4 degrees of constant retard built into it. This helped me out because I had run into a stop on my crank trigger and would have had to take the wheel off and reposition it to get the timing to go lower. Now I have a lot of adjustment for advance and retard. Oh, bye the way, it starts good too.

The car is all washed up, in the trailer and ready to go. I can feel a good performance coming on. Now if I can only run 8.99 to qualify in the heat. The number 16 qualifier won last race. Maybe it will be me this time (for the 1st time). And, 60% that it will not rain!