Big races at State Capitol Raceway (Bash on the Bayou) Cancelled!
There is also a big 1/8 mile shootout at Hub City in Hattiesburg, MS, Cancelled! where the UBDRA is putting on the big race.
There is a race scheduled for No Problem Raceway Park on Sat. – Call the track for information.

I plan to race Friday night, weather permitting, and take the wife on a trip to Lake Charles, LA for a relaxing day on Saturday. We have Women’s Day at our church on Sunday morning where Barbara has to sing and I will take photos.

I ordered a MSD Starter Saver that will allow me to put in 10 degrees of retard upon starting and come back to normal setting once the engine is above 800 RPM.

The MSD Digital 7 Plus ignition system that I have only allows you to put in 20 degrees of retard on start. My engine does not like that much retard. I am sure the new unit with 10 degrees retard will be much better.