Last night I contacted a mild case of food poisoning. I feel much better now, but still under the weather.

Yesterday I had to sand down the front right side of my trailer. That panel is large! The wind is preventing me from finishing the paint job. The wind is also the reason I had to sand the panel.

The new issue #6 of IHRA’s DRM came yesterday and there are two photos of my car from Nitro Jam! One shows Larry Crum giving me the Editor’s Choice Award and the other shows Barbara and me standing by the car. Larry quoted an email that I sent him right after the event.

In preparation for this weekends Top Doorslammer race, I warmed the engine and checked the left side valves and checked to see if any more lash caps were gone or broken. Everything is in place. I also changed the jets in the front of the carb. to try to get another few hundredths out of it. I had lowered the timing last week, but I may have to go back to the higher timing. That always causes starting issues.

I understand there is a “Drivers Meeting” at State Capitol Raceway this Saturday. I did not get the email so I don’t know the particulars.