I decided to go the the track tonight and run in Super Pro $$ bracket. I have not had any real competition lately and I needed some competition seat time. Friday night at SCR is ideal for that.

I made two time trials, 9.02 in the left lane and 9.04 in the right lane. In the first round of eliminations, I ran a 10 second dragster and broke out with a 8.96 run (My TAG Weather Station predicted, based on just one run, I would run 8.96 on that pass, but I did not believe it!). I dialed in 8.98.

The car went straight on the first pass, got out of the groove on the second pass, but I steered it back and on the elimination run it ran real good down the right lane. It did make a little jog to the right on the launch, but nothing to be concerned about. The car ran and drove really well tonight. It is not near as violent as it was before the shock change, scaling, fixing the rack & pinion and the computer alignment. I am extremely pleased.