Mr. Warren Birkett is President/Treasurer of SMART and Mr. Oliver “Skip” Holbert is the Secretary. We have decided to establish new goals for the program and to become active in awarding scholarships to high school graduates. The program will expand to allow SMART to help any deserving student that wants to go on to higher education. The student will be hand picked by SMART members.

SMART has awarded several scholarships in the past to deserving Auto Tech students. The program has combined with Bracket Masters Racing Team and The Bayou Boyz Racing Team to give school supplies to local students. We also helped many students with uniforms and credentials that were displaced by hurricane Katrina.

We have asked Mr. Van Johnson to become a member of Baton Rouge SMART Program, and he has accepted.

We will start by picking a student to give a cash scholarship that will help that student with expenses when they go to the higher education establishment of their choice. The money can be used for students going to a trade/vocational school, Jr. college or college/university of their choice and can be used for any purpose.

The first recipient of the SMART Scholarship for the year 2010 is, Mr. Tyre’ Jenkins, of Glen Oaks High School in Baton Rouge, LA. Tyre’ is a 4.3 GPA student. Tyre’ is involved in several organizations, including ROTC and Young Educated Males Against Drugs and Violence. Tyre’ is a very humble young man, with excellent speaking skills, good manners, and he dresses so that we can be proud of him at any time you see him (his pants are always up). Tyre’ plans to attend LSU and get a degree in Education after graduating from Glen Oaks High School. His long term goal it to become a college English teacher. Last but not least, and first in his life, Tyre’ is a christian young man and thanks God for all his blessings.