The best part of the show, to me, was the Car Show. There was a guy there with a 1946 Mercury convertible (with GM engine). My mom had an identical looking 1948 Mercury convertible. For those of you too young to know/remember, when the USA decided to become involved in WWII, they stopped selling cars to the public in 1941. After the war, the public was allowed to purchase cars again in 1946. That 1946 Mercury is one of those first cars the public was allowed to purchase after the war. In 1948, my father gave my mom that 1948 convertible for her birthday, with a big ribbon tied around the hood (Is that where Lexus got the idea?). Every time I see those Christmas Lexus commercials, I think about my mom and dad.

Here are a couple of video’s of Young Blood and Shannun T. Walker during time trials on Sat.

Here are photos of some of the many Racers at the Super Show.