When I drove around the pits to warm up my drivetrain, I noticed my oil pressure was about 45 psi at 1000 RPM and would not go much higher when I revved it up. It is normally around 62 psi and will go up to 68-70 when I touch the accelerator. I had already checked everything under the hood, and the engine sounded good. Water temp. was fairly low. I decided to make that first pass and on the return road, with the engine temp. about 165 degrees, the oil pressure was 38 psi at 1000 rpm.

I went back to the pits and decided to put the car up for the weekend. Silas Rogers insisted that we check the oil filter and maybe drain a little oil to inspect it. I drove back home and got a new oil filter and some of the same oil that I am running and got back to the car with time to spare in time trials. The filter was cut open and did not show any metal. The oil was very thick and black, but no particles. We put the new filter on and started the engine. Oil pressure was back to normal at around 62-65 psi at 1000 rpm.

I have never had that kind of trouble with this brand oil filter, AC Delco, and I don’t think it is the filters fault. I also have never used oil this heavy before. I am using Mobil-1 20W-50. In the past, I have always mixed Mobil-1 10W-30 (4 qts.) and Mobil-1 20W-50 (3 qts), or just use straight Mobil-1 10W-40. The oil filter is AC Delco, but it is the new replacement for the old PF-35 filter. I think I will use the K&N racing oil filter or the Fram Racing Oil Filter. The jury is still out on the heavy oil. Due to my wide bearing clearances, I use the thicker oil.

I decided to make another pass. This time we only had a little spin of the right wheel, but I still had to drive the car to keep it in the grove. When I got to the finish line, oh bye the way, I had a .007 RT, as I was saying, at the finish line, when I let up, the car wanted to go all over the track at the top end. It was real hard to keep in my lane and hard to make the turn off to the return road. It was a very scary ride from the finish line to the turn off.

Back at the trailer, Houston had been watching the car leave, and had put shoe polish on the wheelie bar wheels before the run. The left wheel had been in constant hard contact with the track, while the right wheel had only very light contact. During Nitro Jam, Houston had raised that wheel about an inch trying to get the car to go straight. We are going to put it back where it was.

When I told Houston about the wild ride on the top end, he went to the front wheels and shook them. The left wheel was tight and normal. The right wheel was very loose and you could hear noise from under the car. We inspected the rack & pinion and found it was completely worn out on the right side under the rubber boot. That right wheel could move several inches on it own. That last run was 9.04 @ 145 MPH, even with all the problems.

Instead of being upset and mad, I feel that I am Blessed to have been able to control the car at that speed and make it back to the trailer. God is Good!

I will have the Rack & Pinion replaced this coming week.