Van Johnson participated in the Cajun SportsNationals at No Problem Raceway Park. Chandra, Van’s daughter and former driver, was the Crew Chief today. Van won the 1st round (video) and lost in the 2nd round. The Chevelle was looking good, but when can we ever say that that car is not looking good?

I enjoyed watching the 27 Top Sportsman cars qualify. My friend Ed Stuart from Pensacola, FL was here with a new Pontiac GTO, an ex-Pro Stock car. Ed was running in the 7.50 range. My friend Earl Folse was there with his beautiful Camaro, running very good.

Cajun SportsNationals Photos. All of today’s photos and video was taken with the new JVC HD Hard Disk Drive Camcorder. First time trying this setup. Fits in my jacket pocket. The resolution is not as good as my other cameras, but is it fine for the internet. My Kodak camera, that I really like, with high resolution and camcorder, is still being repaired.

I completed my taxes. Not as bad as anticipated.