I got the car back on Saturday afternoon after dropping it off in the morning at Pro-Fab to Brandon. After talking with both Sonny and Brandon, Brandon installed the QA-1, single-adjustable (12-position), shocks and then proceeded to scale the car. He found the diagonal weight off, and had to add a spacer above the front left spring and reset the valving on that same shock. He feels the car will now launch straight and not drive to the left when going down the track. I don’t think it will go as high as it had been on the drivers side. The car weighs 2789 lbs. with me in the drivers seat and a full tank of gas.

Brandon set the rear shocks on “3”, which is closer to soft than hard. The pistons on these shocks are almost twice as large at the old shock piston. They really look good under there. Brandon checked the spring pressure on my old 130 psi shocks and used them. We had a new set standing by, just in case.