Houston pointed out that the problem that he saw with the shock last Sat. was not with the actual shock, but with the attachment point and the bushing where the shock attaches to the underside of the car. All of that was loose. I did note that the metal and rubber bushing (on the top of both shocks) was in three pieces when I took them out.

Miracles happen! My TAG weather station started working again, and it retained all my old data! The TAG is about 15 years old. If it does bite the dust, I will get one of those new ones with the fan that blows the air sample over the probe. My old TAG will be hard to beat. It has been dead-on so many times I would hate to get rid of it.

I shipped my 5 year old camera off to the Kodak repair center. The Kodak P-712 Superzoom has been an excellent camera. It has features that the new ones do not have so I decided to pay for the repair rather than get a new one.