I found all my old scale data that was done by Brandon in May of 2009. Sonny evaluated it, along with the information from my most recent runs, and is going to make recommendations on how to fix the problem.

The old shocks did not have anything wrong with them, but they were totally inadequate for the job that I was trying to make them do. This car makes too much power and torque for those shocks.

When the new shocks come in, I will install them. I may make a couple of runs to get some handling data. They can use that information to adjust the corner and diagonal weights. Sonny did not like the diagonal weight setup.

I spent most of Monday reading my 25 year old book “Door Slammers: The Chassis Book” by Dave Morgan. I learned a lot about shocks and springs. In the book, Mr. Morgan described a situation exactly like mine. Where the car leaves the line and veers to the right but then drifts over to the left wall after being put back into the groove. This is exactly what I have been doing, off and on, for the past three weeks. This may be why my MPH (148) does not match my ET (8.928).

I also talked to Mr. Van Johnson and discussed our plan for going forward from here.

I hope we get it to go straighter, run a little quicker and a few more MPH. I feel real good about where I am right now!