I had an interesting email from Charlie Robinson on what I should do about picking a class. His logic is excellent. He suggested that I run in Hot Rod Class (10.90). I would run on the .500 pro tree and my speed would be excellent for that class. My only problem is the throttle stop. I have all the old settings, but that was with my 540 engine, with a lot less power. I don’t think two time trials is enough to dial that thing in.

My friend Lacey came over yesterday morning, before the big rain, and helped me get the car out of the trailer. We re-arranged my workshop before putting the car into it. Toolboxes, shelves and misc. items were moved to improve the accessibility. It will make it much easier to work in there and save some steps.

I replaced one DZUS fitting on the trunk and reworked another one. I hope they stay in place. I am wishing I had the old hood pins. I will have some extra DZUS’s at the track.

We went out to Central Graphics and got some new letters and numbers for the car. The IHRA rule book says the letters must be at least 4″ high and on all 4 sides. Here is a place where the race organizations should have the same rules.