Earlier this week, I ordered flowers to be sent to Barbara’s job. Since the state workers were allowed to stay home today, the flowers were delivered to the house. She was surprised and happy to get them.

Tonight we will attend a Valentine’s dinner at Jordan United Methodist Church. Every year the men of Jordan give a dinner for all the women of the church. The men prepare all the food and serve the women. They normally have a short show, play some couples games and just honor the women. We will go out to eat on Sunday to cap off the Valentine’s weekend. I Love My Wife!

I would not attempt to race on this Sunday, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day fro that matter. That’s what Father’s Day is for! I can do what I want to do then. Many racers don’t like to race on Father’s Day, and for good reasons. They want to stay home, or go out with the family, and be pampered by the wife and children. That’s a good thing! We all have different opinions and values. Some racers don’t race on Sunday, period.