We had not seen each other in almost a year. We stood outside at Cortana Mall, in the cool weather, and talked about racing, web sites, our churches, children, the military, the VA and a host of other subjects, for over 45 mins.. I invited him over to see the workshop and to continue our conversation. I am looking forward to his visit.

I am not looking forward to the weather tomorrow. The predicted “Wintry Mix” is not what I want to see. After spending 2 years in upstate New York, shoveling snow daily to get to the car, then shoveling the snow from the back of the car out to the street, cleaning the windshield and other windows so you can see out, and fighting with the snow drifts that the snowplows make, I don’t care if I every see another flake of snow.

I had a call from my oldest son today. He is in Maryland, just outside of Washington, D. C., and he has not been to work since last Friday. All the government offices are shut down due to the snow.

On a not so good note. My grandson Marcus, who is enrolled in Azusa Pacific University, and was the starting Left Tackle on the varsity as a true freshman, has injured his back in a weightlifting accident. His football career is over, according to the school doctors. Marcus will still be allowed to take advantage to his full scholarship after he recovers. We are praying that Marcus has a full and speedy recovery.