I had planned to go to the track on Sat. but I changed my mind. No good reason, just don’t feel like going. I will help Reggie start up his engine.

I finished the modification of the transmission cross-member, with a little help from my friends. Alvin’s son, Devin, a welder by trade, helped me straighten out my design. He made the last four cuts and welded everything perfectly. I came home, and with Reggie’s help, we installed the part. Now both headers exhaust to the rear with no restriction. Alvin thinks that may have been coasting me a few horsepower. Remember, I only need 0.014 sec. to make it into the 8’s)!

Monday, I was elected to the Trustee Board of my church (Shiloh Missionary B. C. of Port Allen, LA). The vote was 29 to 28, in my favor!