I went to State Capitol Raceway Sunday to their T & T.

The track will open on Friday, Feb. 5th for Trophy Bracket and testing. The first Summit Bracket Race will be on Sat. Feb. 7, 2010.

In addition to the T & T today, they ran a “Top 8 Shootout” in Q-16, S/P, Non-E and Motorcycle. They took the top 8 cars from qualifying in each bracket and let them run a bracket race. I think it will be very popular in the coming weeks.

There were a few very nice looking cars that were new to the facility.

The Top 8 Shootout was fun to watch. I did not ask what the entry fee to run in the bracket, or if there is an extra charge. I also don’t know what the winners get. When I take my car out there, I will get the details because I will be more than a spectator.

I purchased 10 gals. of C-14 today.