At halftime, I said this is going to come down to Peterson and Favre making turnovers. The old gunslinger made the pass that QB’s are told in high school to never try. Across your body, back to the center of the field (he has done it many times, sometimes good, sometimes bad). I feel sorry for Peterson, all that talent and can’t hold onto the ball. Coach Childress says, the risks are worth the rewards with Peterson. He may have to re-evaluate that.

Today I started the car with the overhauled BG 1090 Carb on the engine. It also has the double spacers under it (one open and one 4-hole). Everything looked and sounded good. The engine was very crisp and responsive. I had excellent oil pressure and it heated up to a good temp. and held it steady. After the run, I removed some plugs on each side and they look OK. All of them were consistent. Dark, but not sooty black.

Looking at the weekend weather, I don’t think I will be going to the track, at least not with the car, until it warms up a little. Prediction for Sunday is in the 40’s for the high. The car would not like that, and I know I would not.

I found a broken battery mount on the right side in the trunk. That is the one that I cut off and rewelded myself. I will try it again.