I have been working on my car over the past few days. I removed the muffler inserts, reset the shock valuing in the front shocks to allow the front end to come up a little more. While the car was up on the jack stands, I noticed the wheelie bar wheels were still about 2″ off the ground, with the front end jacked up about 12″. This is more than I wanted the front to come up. I will lower the wheelie bars from the current 7.5″ to around 5″. I think that will be good.

I changed the oil. Since I don’t have a dip stick, I measured all the oil that drained out of the pan. I had put in 7 qts. plus the filter was full. The oil had 22 passes (wrong, 10 passes). I recovered 7 qts. of oil. The engine only has 12 passes.

After I finished Reggie’s carb., it looked so good, I decided to overhaul my BG carb. It has been over three years since I went through it.

I talked to Bryon Durham about my distribution problem (that I determined was OK the way it is). He recommended I try a second 1″ open spacer under the 4 hole spacer. To make that work, I had to cut 4 more, all-thread, posts to allow all of that to fit under the carb.. Another trip to Lowe’s netted a 3 ft. length of the correct size all-thread. I have them cut and in place, just waiting on me to finish the carb rebuild.