I have been challenged by the new JVC Hard Disk Drive Camcorder. It is not as simple as I had anticipated. Mastering the software to get the completed video from the camcorder into the computer and edited is not easy. As I get use to the procedures and the new software, I hope to speed up my video editing. I like the camcorder. You can go straight from the camcorder to You Tube, if you want too. The camcorder has excellent picture quality (HD) and it is a very good size and very easy to use. I like it!

Nothing doing on the car. I am almost finished with the waxing of the whole car. I fixed the window net so it is easier to put up.

It has been so cold in South Louisiana and the whole eastern part of the nation, I have not wanted to go out and do anything. It was 19 degrees in Baton Rouge this morning!

The two drag strips in our area were suppose to open this past week. I don’t know if anyone was brave enough to go out there. The weather does not look too good for this coming weekend. It may rain.