Month: January 2010

State Capitol Raceway

I went to¬†State Capitol Raceway¬†Sunday to their T & T. The track will open on Friday, Feb. 5th for Trophy Bracket and testing. The first Summit Bracket Race will be on Sat. Feb. 7, 2010. In addition to the T & T today, they ran a “Top 8 Shootout” in Q-16, S/P, Non-E and Motorcycle. […]
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My wife purchased a Saints ball cap and three Saints shirts. I purchased two more T-shirts to go with my old, faded, Saints pull-over warm-up and my New Orleans ball cap (I threw away (donated to Goodwill) my old #2 “Brooks” jersey a few years ago!) I may purchase a new #12 “Colston” jersey.

I removed the battery from the right side of the car and prepared the spot for welding the battery bracket back on. Safety note: When you have two batteries in parallel, you must be very careful when you disconnect them. Don’t let that positive cable touch ground. The positive (+) cable is hot until you […]
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“South Louisiana Seafood Combo”:

Barbara and me went to Mike Anderson’s Seafood today. I had the “South Louisiana Seafood Combo”: Fried shrimp, crawfish, stuffed crab, oysters, hush puppies, baked potato, cold slaw and catfish fillet. I could not eat it all and had to bring out a “doggie bag”. I will be the dog tonight! Did you see the […]
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Go Saints!

Now that we know the Saints will play the Vikings for the NFC Championship, we are getting ready to watch the Saints in Miami at the Super Bowl! Super Bowl prediction: Saints 45 – Jets 13 (This was just not to be 1/24/10).
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I have been having fun with the new camera, if you call fun shooting hundreds of poor quality photos and trying to determine what’s needed to get it right. With my little low price Kodak P712 Super Zoom camera, I would take 100 photos and have 90 good ones. With this new camera, I shoot 100 photos and only have 8-10, really sharp, excellent, photos. I will keep on trying. I can feel the potential of this Nikon D90 camera, I just have to become proficient in its use.

I have been challenged by the new JVC Hard Disk Drive Camcorder. It is not as simple as I had anticipated. Mastering the software to get the completed video from the camcorder into the computer and edited is not easy. As I get use to the procedures and the new software, I hope to speed […]
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