When drivers have mechanical problems after leaving the line, they should pull over and stop to keep from oiling down the whole track. It makes the clean-up shorter. The track has personnel to help you get the car off the track, and to limit the spilling of fluids (water, oil, trans. fluid or rear end oil).

After talking to Houston and Silas, I decided to make a few changes to my starting line RPM and my shift point. I am leaving at 3500 RPM and shifting at 6800 RPM. The stall of the converter is close to 5700 RPM. I will increase the starting line RPM in 500 RPM increments until I reach about 5500, and increase the shift RPM until the car slows down, or I reach about 7400 RPM (just a number I picked that has no basis).

We plan on checking everything under the hood, tighten a few bolts, change the oil and the gasket under the distributor and take it out and continue our testing this coming weekend.