I added a new light fixture above the workbench that I constructed and replaced all the T-8 light bulbs in the workshop. When the contractor sprayed in the insulation for the top of the workshop, he got some of it on the tubes and cut the light. Now it is like daylight in the workshop.

I re-arranged the flooring that I had under the car. The old flooring arrangement did not work out, especially when I overhauled of the engine and spilled water and oil all over everything. All of my projects came out very good. Only had to go back to Lowe’s once.

I did go to NPRP Sunday for about two hours. I watched the first round of T A/D, T A/F and Top Sportsman. Only a few of my friends had participated and they lost in the first round or failed to qualify before Sunday.

Looks like the weather will continue to be bad on the weekend. My car has been ready to go, in the trailer for a week.