New Graphics 09-16-09
New Graphics - b

The design process is very interesting. I took the car over to Jeff’s shop and he took photos of the car and measurements. Then he transferred the measurements and photos of both sides to his computer program. Using the measurements from the rear edge of the door to the back edge of the quarter panel, he laid out the graphics (flames) on the car so I could select the set of flames that I liked. He then proceeded to modify them to make them unique for the car and to cover the space I wanted to cover. This process is a part of the latest “wrap” graphics.

Next time you see the “Red Hot” car hauler, that is a full wrap and it was done by Central Graphics.

The final product looks better than it did on the computer. Jeff has hundreds of different types of graphics to select from. You can custom design your own (as long as it is in a format that Jeff’s program will read). You get to see it, and approve it, before it is applied. Price is based on what you select and how much materials he has to use.

It normally would have taken about 4-5 working days for the complete process but my engine rebuild took place between the photo shoot and the application of the graphics.