I put a little paint on the fenders and the side rails of the trailer. The front has not been touched yet, so it still looks bad. I hope to finish it later this week. Over the weekend I put a coat of wood treatment on all the planks on the trailer. Earlier this year I repacked all the bearings and checked the electric brakes.

I mounted a license plate holder, with a light, on the back of the trailer. Secured all the electrical wires under the trailer and checked all the wiring.

The little custom built open 16 ft. trailer is 16 years old and has seen it’s share of parades, Mardi Gras, towing relatives and friends cars and trips to the track all over the South, Texas and Mississippi Valley.

Hope the weather holds up for the weekend. I need some seat time and I need to test the engine and get data for the converter fix (if needed).

The car goes to Central Graphics for new graphics on the rear quarter panels tomorrow.