While they were here we really enjoyed their company and the many stories about the family. We did get to go and eat at three of the places that I mentioned so everyone stayed full of good Cajun Food while they were here.

They got to meet many of our friends while they were here, who just happened to drop by. As usual, Mrs. Barbara Holbert was the perfect host. PHOTOS

Now that all the leaks are contained on the car, it can come off of the jack stands. Tuesday it will go to Central Graphics to get the new graphics on the rear quarter panels.

I hope the weather is better for next weekend, which the long term forecast doesn’t look too good right now, so I can get some test runs in and especially test the converter.

I am also looking forward to the NHRA Division 4 race at No Problem this coming weekend, Sept. 18-20th. I wanted to enter, but I don’t have enough seat time, runs on the engine and general tuning and tweaking to be competitive.