I was really up-tight about starting this engine. I had made so many errors that I thought there was something that I had forgotten. I called Alvin and we discussed a few things before I actually pushed the button. Everything went well and I am really pleased with the way the start-up went.

I put in a different, milder, cam in this engine and you can tell the difference right away. I removed the 4-hole spacer from under the carb and went back to my old open spacer, coupled with my BG 1090 carb. It is nice and crisp and everything sounds good. All the pressures are good.

When I get a good Sunday testing session, I will try the Holley 1150 with 4-hole spacer again and I may put the 4-hole spacer under the BG just to see what difference it will make.

I put a new fuel fuel regulator on because the old one would peg out high sometime. It would come right back down but scare the hell out of me. This happened three times within the last three months, so I ordered another one and it seems to be doing OK today. The old one was a little over 8 years old.

I reset all the valves after the 2nd warm-up. I hope these rings seat as they are suppose to. During the coming week I will do a compression test and leak down, after I warm it up and let it cool down naturally a few more times.

I believe after testing this coming Friday I will be pulling the converter out to get it tighten up for this milder engine. I will be very happy with 9.80’s this time around and it may not be that quick. The converter change should get me back under 9.50.

I had been challenging some of my friends to grudge races, but Silas and Van, without their throttle stops, would both kick my behind.