Silas Rogers Jr., driving the Rogers Racing Nova, won the Super-Pro Trophy Friday night at State Capitol Raceway.

Junior was on the tree all night, cutting RT’s of .007, .016 and other good Reaction Times below .030. He also had some very good throttle-stop times. He was trying to run 10.90 all night and finally got it dialed-in in the 3rd round when he ran a 10.90 with a zero!

In the final round, he had to run Slim Davis’s Mustang of The Bayou Boyz Racing Team. Silas Jr. left first and Slim ran him down, but the big 540 CID BBC came back to catch him as Slim slowed to let Silas Jr. take the stripe with a 10.93 and the win!

After the race, Slim and Silas Jr., who were pitted right next to each other, laughed and talked about the final run. Slim did not know that Silas Jr. was on the throttle-stop and thought when he slowed just after leaving the line, that something was wrong with the Nova. When he saw the Nova come around him on the big end, Slim decided to let Jr. take the stripe and was surprised when the win light came on in Jr’s lane. See Video on You Tube.

Daddy Silas Sr., Uncle Leroy and Uncle Leo Rogers were all in the stands cheering Silas Jr. to victory.

Jason Reppond, driving a dragster, beat Jason Adams’ 69 Camaro for the win in Super-Pro Money.

Kevin “Outlaw” Gray, also of the Bayou Boyz Racing Team, had his truck running solid nines all night.
Video of Kevin’s Time Trial.

8/26/09 -I talked with Gary Carter today, Manager of State Capitol Raceway, and he said the last two Top Doorslammer races will be open to cars running 9.50 sec or quicker. Exceptions were made in the past and this will be the rule for the remanding two races in the series. The next Top Doorslammer race will be held, Sept. 26, 2009.