That is the last time I take the engine out without taking the trans out with it. It is a pain to install the engine by itself. The person that designed this engine placement system needs to…

I may invest in another method of securing the engine, which would make it necessary to change the steering system also. The two piece motor plate, with the steering rod going through one of the “ears” on the front motor plate makes this job much tougher than usual.

The engine installation in the car I put into the wall use to take about 30-40 min. to get the whole thing in, by myself. This car takes a good three hours +, and even if someone was helping it would take at least two hours.

It did not help that I forgot to put the flexplate on before I put the engine in. I caught it before I connected the trans, but it was a pain to do it under the car. At least I know I can change a flexplate at the track, without disconnecting anything except the converter and trans, if the need ever came up, say a national event or division meet. Other than that, it would take it home.

I should be ready to start up some time this coming week and do testing on Friday or Sat. I still have a good list of things to do.